About Us

Hi! We love that you are in our store!
First of all, let us introduce ourselves:

We have made a really big effort to make your shopping experience in our store the best possible.

We work with a small but talented group of young people that are behind the store and for them is a true pleasure to attend and help you.Our company named Beijing Xingmeng Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

In Talkoko we only have one rule when we sell a product: it has to make you feel curious. We look for all over the world products that are innovative and that they become a trend. With this criteria, we are sure that we’ll always have something unique to offer to you.

One of the things that most worries to the online customers are if their purchases are safe, and also they worry about who is behind the store they’re buying in and if their products are going to be sent.

For us, the client is the king. When you shop with us, the sale not only is completed as soon as you pay, it is completed when you as a customer are fully satisfied with the product in your hands.

Happy Shopping!
You want to buy the whole store!

Of course, we would like you to buy the whole store, and if you want to you just have to contact us hahaha… no, but really… our wish and target are that you take the product that you want, that you like, that makes you happy and obviously with an excellent price.

Contact Us
So, in other words, we want to welcome you to Talkoko. And feel free yourself of contacting us for anything at support@talkoko.com, for us is a true pleasure to attend you. And come back anytime you want!